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Green Thickies are born

Green Thickies are born.


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New Beginnings

Hi there!

My name is Katherine Natalia (Natpacker).  I have recently started a new way of life.  I am now follow a low fat raw vegan lifestyle which means I eat mainly fruit with some salad vegetables.  The plan I am following is 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham.  It is a natural healthy way of living which incorporates eating a healthy diet that doesn’t stress the body and allows the body to heal itself naturally, getting enough sleep, sunshine, exercise and water.

I have now been following the 80/10/10 diet 100% for 5 weeks.  I have numerous health problems (51 at last count) which I am trying to allow my body to heal.  So far I’ve been experiencing detox symptoms most days.  I’ve had a few good days but I’m positive about this and motivated to continue.  I’ve heard that sometimes it can take months if not years for your body to detox and come out the other side with better health.  I’d love to hear from people who are also following a similar lifestyle, either frutarians, natural hygiene or low fat raw vegan.  I’d like to document my progress through this journey into better health to not only hold myself accountable and for people to help me, but hopefully so I can help and motivate other people with their journeys too.  For me this is much more than a new diet.  It is a way of life that is affecting how I think about almost everything!  So watch this space!

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Welcome to Natural Freedom!

By Natpacker

This site is dedicated to living a more natural way, to live more healthily and to enjoy life.  I believe living more naturally gives you the freedom to live life the way we were intended.

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